Welcome to
Rotary Tri-Con 2018

Glacier Canyon Conference Center at the Wilderness  
45 Hillman Road, Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965, United States

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Whova Event App

The Tri-Con planning committe has chosen Whova to provide us with a modern, robust experience for the conference.   Having an event app provides many enhancing features to those who choose to use it.  Have everything you need for planning and attending the event, right in your pocket!

Personalize your Experience

Setup your profile to share your information with other attendees.   Connect your social media accounts too!

Scan business cards right into the app to quickly share information with others!

Share messages and photos, they may even end up on the big screen!.  


No Phone - No Worries!

Even if you don't have a smartphone or tablet, the web based agenda lets you prepare for and personalize your agenda before hand. Plus, updates and announcements will be available at the registration desk, in your email, and on various screens thorughout the convention hall.

Note: Networking features only available on Android and iOS devices.


Some of the great Features that we get with the App!

Personal Agenda, personalized experience

Interactive Maps, never get lost

Note-taking, anywhere, search in one place

App Alerts and E-mails, making sure everyone gets the message

Live Polling
Real Time Feedback for some great events!

Bulletin Board
Before, during, and after the event.   Chat with other attendees!
Plan a Carpool, Schedule a meetup, Q&A, & more

Attendee SmartProfiles
Plan whom to meet with ahead of an event!

Business Card Scanning & Exchanging
Conveniently request a business card with one click

Business Card Management
Digitize cards and manage them with Smartprofiles

One-on-One Chat
Connect with attendees and schedule personal meetings

Share Event